St Margaret Pattens Church Entrance


• Our Safeguarding Policy, which was agreed at our Guild Church Council meeting on 21st March 2019, can be viewed here.

• If you have any concerns about the welfare of a child, young person or adult at risk, you should in the first instance contact our Safeguarding Officer, Chris Moore.  He can be contacted by telephone on 020 7623 6630, or by email at

• Alternatively, our Children's Champion and Associate Vicar, The Revd Andrew Keep, can be contacted by telephone on 020 7623 6630, or by email at

• Our Church Wardens, all of whom can be contacted indirectly by telephone on 020 7623 6630, or email at, are as follows:

    Pattenmakers' Church Warden - Donald Newell
    Basketmakers' Church Warden - Tony Charlwood
    People's Church Warden - Steven (Tom) Jackson
    People's Church Warden - Deborah Whale
• Information about where to get help with child and adult safeguarding issues is available from the City of London website as follows:

     For children:

     For vulnerable adults: