St Margaret Pattens Church Entrance

Our Mission Statement

Our church has received the precious inheritance of a site and building prominently within the Square Mile.  

It is the home of a worshipping community and two livery companies, surrounded by thousands of people who make their livelihood immediately by, and on a route used by increasing numbers of tourists. 

We think it a duty and privilege in our age to set forth confidently the transforming love of God through the Gospel of Jesus Christ by:

•  offering regular worship, in sacrament, word and music, in a way that is both accessible, and conscious of our Anglican heritage.

•  providing sanctuary and welcome during the hours of the working day.

•  offering the occasional offices of baptism, marriage and funerals.

•  providing warmth and human interest inclusively to those of all backgrounds, cultures, languages, religious heritages, races, genders, sexualities, ages, physical strengths, and conditions.

•  providing a community of compassionate belonging and engendering loyalty, both to those around, and to the wider body of Christ, in which people may be stimulated to grow in faith and hope and love, and find light in which they may reflect upon their lives and actions.

•  building creatively our people, faith, and fabric in such way that we may bequeath to those that follow a church both alive to the Spirit of God and to the reality of contemporary culture.