St Margaret Pattens Church Entrance

Who's Who

…weaving the story of our lives          
      into the story of God's love...

Area Dean to the City of London
   The Revd Katherine Hedderly, 
   020 7481 2928
   All Hallows by the Tower, Byward Street, London EC3R 5BJ
Associate Vicar & Children's Champion
     The Revd Andrew Keep
     020 7623 6630
     07740 647813
Church Administrator & Safeguarding Officer
    Chris Moore
    020 7623 6630
Church Wardens
    Pattenmakers' Church Warden - Donald Newell
    Basketmakers' Church Warden - Tony Charlwood
    People's Church Warden - Steven (Tom) Jackson
    People's Church Warden - Deborah Whale
Together, we seek to make the church a beacon of God’s love, set amidst the busyness of the City. For centuries, people have walked into this church- filled with their joys and tragedies, or simply with the mundane struggles of their lives. Today we invite you to follow in their footsteps, whatever the circumstances and condition of your life. Whether you are keen on religion, or justifiably a bit suspicious, whether you are sure of your stance, or do not know, you will be welcome. The story of your life is precious. We hope you will find us not only courteous, but also kind, gentle and encouraging. 
We aim to worship God in the beauty of holiness, and to encourage and nerve fullness of living.