St Margaret Pattens Church Entrance

Organisations that use the Church


Mayda Narvey - Piano & Cello Lessons
Wednesday 1.30pm onwards
For more details go to or call 07814 390557

Alcoholics Anonymous
Wednesdays 12.30pm & 6.00pm and Sundays 6.00pm (20 mins Meditation meeting)
All meetings open, newcomers welcome
National Helpline 0845 769 7555
London Helpline 020 7833 0022

Six in the City – CoDA
Tuesday 6.00pm
For more details see website:

Reframe Pilates
Wednesday 12.00pm and 1.00pm
For more details contact Holly on 07530 937546
Email: Website:

Vinyasa Flow Yoga Class
Tuesday 1.00pm
For more details contact Catherine on 07538 01198
Email: Website:

Overeaters Anonymous
Thursday 6.00pm
For more details please contact 07000 784985

Friday 1.00pm
For more details go to

Pilates with Rebekah
Monday 6.30pm
For more details please contact 07921 857887